WIIFM – What’s in it for me

How do I get rid of these pesky viruses? How do I protect myself from this Ransomware  I have heard about? Is my data secure? How do I stop hackers from stealing my information? How do I learn and keep up with all this information?

Hi, I am Henk Portier and I have been helping people find answers to these questions and more for more than 30 years. At my core, I love working with and empowering people by using technology to make life easier. And I do it by using common everyday language instead of abbreviations and Lingo.

I have a multi-industry background, which allows me to see the world and computers differently. As a Physician Assistant specializing in Cardiology and Neurology, I learned to listen, evaluate, and prognose. And to prescribe the treatment for what ails you. In the computing world, I bring that experience as well as my business expertise in Marketing and Sales. This ensures that you are the most successful with a minimum of expenditure. The biggest bang for your buck. And we are product neutral Рwe will recommend what's best for you, not what's best for me. We look at technology from the business perspective rather than the opposite.